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Accelerate your own personal growth....& gain a qualification

Healing the Planet is an approved training provider, and provides various levels of training for the 7 therapies listed below. Each course is certified, and a separate energy attunement is given for each level of each course. During the attunement, a particular frequency of Life Force Energy is channeled from the Universe to the student. This positive energy raises your level of consciousness and intuitive wisdom in a particular way, and stays with you forever.

  1. Meet Yourself Therapy (MYT)
  2. Meet Yourself Meditation (MYM)
  3. Meet Yourself Meditation (MYM) for children
  4. Meet Yourself Meditation (MYM) for parents
  5. Meet Yourself Protection
  6. Meet Yourself Immunity
  7. Meet Yourself Energy Healing

Our training courses offer you:

An Investment in Yourself - Our courses are invaluable if you are committed to your own personal growth. Reading books and listening to CDs, can certainly give you insights, but it’s not always easy to put them into practise. The Energy Attunements you receive, as part of our courses, raise your consciousness to a higher level. This expands your awareness, and deepens your knowledge. It gives greater meaning to the information that’s shared, and makes it easier to integrate it into your life.

A New Career Path – It can be rewarding and gratifying to follow a career path that gives you personal and professional satisfaction. All our courses can be taken up to Practitioner or Teacher level. You will gain a certificate which is recognised internationally for insurance and registration purposes – enabling you to work independently. The rewards, financially and on a personal level, are limitless.

By training with us you have the reassurance of:


A deeply rewarding and transformative journey of self-discovery and self-healing, which:

  • 'Unprogrammes' you from the fears, worries and limiting beliefs that people, society and circumstances may have instilled in you.
  • Dissolves traumatic emotions and fears that underlie anxiety, depression, OCD, other mental health issues.
  • Enables you to embrace your genuine feelings, desires, aspirations, so you can live authentically from the heart, feeling good about yourself, without fear or guilt.
  • Develops self-worth, resilience and inner peace; so you can live with courage, being able to give and receive love with ease.
  • Enhances intuitive wisdom and self-awareness, enabling you to gain clarity about your life, and to create your own profound pathway of the life you truly want to live.

LEVEL 1 – Enables you to carry out self-healing

LEVEL 2 – Enables you to practise giving healing to others,  but NOT to work as an independent paid MYT Practitioner.

LEVEL 3 (CERTIFIED MYT PRACTITIONER) – Enables you to work as an independent paid MYT Practitioner.

LEVEL 4 (CERTIFIED MYT MASTER PRACTITIONER) – Enables you to work as an independent MYT Master Practitioner.

LEVEL 5 (CERTIFIED MYT MASTER/TEACHER) - Enables you to teach MYT to others.


A therapy in self-discovery - a Healing meditation which will open your eyes to who you are, and to the peace of mind and spirit that this knowledge can bring. Regular practise of MYM  increases inner calm, self-esteem, emotional resilience, mental clarity & focus, and self-discipline.  On a physical level, regular meditation has been proven to enhance immunity, improve cardiovascular health and general wellbeing.


LEVEL 2 (Certified MYM Practitioner)

LEVEL 3 (Certified MYM Master/ Teacher) 


Would you like to work with children and young people - teaching them to heal and balance their emotions, develop self-awareness, self-worth and resilience? Would you like the rewarding feeling of knowing that you've created peace in a young person's life?  That you've given them the gift of "Meeting themselves" - of believing, "I am worthy, I am capable, I am loved." If so, then come and train with us as an MYM for Children Practitioner. 

THERE ARE 4 LEVELS OF MYM (FOR CHILDREN) – Each raises your energy level, insight and healing power. Completion of level 3 enables you to facilitate MYM sessions for children in schools.


Every child is a unique individual with unique talents, character, likes and dislikes. Parents who are able to understand the needs of their children, and make them feel understood, valued and respected will have laid the seeds of self-esteem, and emotional stability in them. The energy attunement for 'MYM for Parents' will develop your intuitive parenting skills, enabling you to understand yourself and your children better, and respond intuitively to their needs. So, if you would like to experience the benefits of MYM, with the added benefit of a stronger and more satisfying relationship with your children, come and learn MYM for parents. This will also enable you to practise MYM with your own children, thus encouraging them to develop inner peace and emotional resilience.

ONLY LEVEL 1 - enables you to practise MYM yourself, and to facilitate it for your own children.


“Negative” energies are low vibrational energies that affect you emotionally, physically or mentally, disturbing your calm, and causing feelings of anxiety, pain, depression, lack of concentration. Most people are unable to perceive negative energy with their physical senses, hence they are unaware of its presence, or the fact that it is entering their body from the environment and from other people’s auras. Negative energy may also be projected consciously or unconsciously, by people who are angry or jealous of you, and may be responsible for some of the unexplained problems and tribulations in your life. 

MY Protection provides a defensive barrier against negative energy, and also removes existing negativity - thus strengthening your positive vibes, and making it easier to remain unaffected by negative energy. A protective “Energy shield” is constructed within your aura – this is a layer of energy vibrating at a particular rate, that “swallows up” low frequency (‘negative’) energy, and transmutes it into higher frequency (‘positive’) energy. MY Protection stays with you for life, and also enables you to give protective healing to others.

LEVELS 1, 2a, & 2b


The energy attunement for MY Immunity strengthens your immune system, naturally, and restores it to optimum function. It clears the effects of existing negativity, toxins, pathogens from the body - helping the body to detoxify and heal itself. It invigorates and supports the immune system (and other body systems) - restoring the body’s energy balance, and enhancing the body’s ability to defend itself against infection and disease, and to maintain good health.

This enhanced immunity remains effective for life, and can be boosted further. You can also boost other people's immunity by giving them healing.

LEVELS 1, 2a & 2b


When you use MYE Healing you tap into the energy of Divine Light, and it is this powerful healing energy that brings about healing – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. This energy has a radiance that illuminates the heart, mind and soul, like a lamp in the dark. It lights up any shadows or areas of darkness within you – areas where you may be harbouring uncomfortable emotions (such as anger, frustration, hurt, loneliness, grief), or feeling ‘stuck’ or uncertain. It increases awareness of one’s self; promotes feelings of self-compassion, love, self-trust; helps to dissolve fear and pain; promotes physical healing of illness and trauma.

LEVELS 1, 2a & 2b