"Whoever recognises their own self, recognises their Creator and Sustainer"

We empower you to effect positive change in yourself and in your life

Meet Yourself Meditation - through the Eyes of Dr Angie Taylor

Dr Angie Taylor has enjoyed a distinguished career as an American athlete and coach, both at the intercollegiate and international levels. She uses her exceptional experience of coaching, mentoring, teaching to create an atmosphere that promotes successful high performances. Since 2018 she has been the men's and women's track and field head coach at Alfred University, New York – where she is also a co-developer and lecturer of the Foundations of Wellness course. Her other achievements include:

  • 9-times Gateway Conference Champion at Illinois State and member of the Valley All-Centennial Track & Field Team. In 2008 she was officially inducted in the Hall of Fame at Illinois State University.
  • USA National Coach with the Olympic Team, IAAF World Championships, Pan American Games, World Junior Championships in Athletics, World Cup, Goodwill Games and Junior Pan American Games. (Angie coached world-class sprinter, Murielle Ahoure, who has since won silver medals in IAAF World Championships.
  • Project Manager for Team Nigeria in the 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics, and also 2015 All-Africa Games held in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo where Team Nigeria finished second overall with 47 gold medals.

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Your inner peace is our priority.

Our mission is to liberate you from any fear, pain, distressing emotions or beliefs that are hindering you - and to empower you to become emotionally resilient – so you can experience real freedom and peace. We will support you in changing any habits of thinking and behaving which may be causing you anxiety or stress; and empower you to use your inner resources to establish new ways of being, which bring you peace and joy.


We use holistic techniques to dissolve and release fear, pain, negative emotions and thoughts. This leaves you feeling:

  • Emotionally more balanced and calm.
  • Mentally clearer and more aware.
  • Physically relaxed and revived.
  • Spiritually more connected with yourself and others.
  • More resilient and better able to manage your particular circumstances, however challenging or stressful they may be.

SERVICES: Therapy Sessions & Training Courses


MYT is a therapy that 'unprogrammes' you from the fears, worries and limiting beliefs that people, society and circumstances may have instilled in you. It's a journey back to your essence, to your real Self - a return to feeling freedom, joy, self-worth and love. In a world where society requires you to be, do and think in line with its own rules, so many people feel empty, unfulfilled, lonely or depressed. You were born free, without the fears and worries you have today. Your life experiences helped to instill the beliefs and fears you now hold, and which continue to influence your current thinking and behavior. Anxiety, depression, OCD and many mental health disorders are deeply rooted in fear, or feelings of low self-worth, shame or guilt (the programming that you've acquired). The efficacy of MYT lies in it's ability to actually dissolve underlying traumatic memories and fears. It thus promotes inner peace, and enhances your power to attract positivity into your life.

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A unique type of meditation: you receive Energy Healing throughout the meditation. This helps to heal anxiety and mental clutter, quietens the mind, and rapidly induces a deeper state of meditation with less effort – thus promoting inner peace, self-awareness and emotional resilience. The aim of ‘Meet Yourself Meditation’ (MYM) is to form a bridge between the conscious and subconscious minds, allowing you to access the ‘hidden’ parts of the self. MYM thus serves as a mirror, in which you can see and recognise your ‘Real Self’ – under the layers of accumulated fears, conditionings and acquired personality traits. MYM allows you to gradually accept the parts of yourself that you may have been avoiding, release repressed emotions, and start to heal and develop self-worth. When you keep your ‘identity’ aligned with your Real Self, inner conflict ceases and you awaken your hidden potential.

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Is anxiety preventing your children from performing their best? MYM dissolves anxiety, fear, emotional pain, and develops self-worth. It teaches children to be emotionally resilient and at peace with themselves and the world around them. When their minds are at peace, their performance in every field escalates.

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Do you crave a more connected and satisfying relationship with your children? Through MYM you’ll have a better understanding of your children’s needs, and your own increased positive energy will soothe and calm them. It's a powerful tool for raising awareness, reducing stress and improving your wellbeing.

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This powerful healing life force energy dissolves fear, pain, uncomfortable emotions (such as anger, frustration, hurt, loneliness, grief), feeling ‘stuck’ or uncertain. It transmutes negativity and raises your energetic vibration. This supports your body to heal itself on a deeper level. It increases self-awareness; promotes feelings of self-compassion, love, self-worth; promotes physical healing of illness and trauma.

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Do you want a stronger immune system, that functions optimally? Meet Yourself Immunity is a natural and reliable technique, beneficial for people of all ages. It:

  • Detoxifies the body and helps it to heal - by clearing existing negativity, toxins, pathogens from the body.
  • invigorates the immune system (and other body systems) – by restoring the body’s energy balance, and enhancing the body’s ability to defend itself against infection and disease.

This enhanced immunity remains effective for life, and can be boosted further.

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A protective “Energy shield” is formed around you that blocks the effects of negative energies accumulating or being directed at you.“Negative” energies are low vibrational energies (from the environment or people's emotions) that affect you emotionally, physically or mentally, disturbing your calm, and causing feelings of anxiety, pain, depression, lack of concentration. Most people are unable to perceive negative energy with their physical senses, and are unaware of its presence. Negative energy may also be projected consciously or unconsciously, by people who are angry or jealous, and may be responsible for some of the unexplained problems and tribulations in your life. 

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The relationship with your own self impacts every other relationship – with others and with the world around you. Fear is often an obstacle to being true to one’s real self (fear of people’s opinions, fear of being alone etc.). So many people feel overwhelmed by the expectations of parents, friends, work colleagues and media, until it becomes difficult to discern what we find valuable within ourselves.

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A virtual space, where powerful Healing energies clean your body and aura every night while you sleep– without you having to do anything special. Any existing negativity is removed, (emotions like anxiety, stress, anger, jealousy, fear, pathogens, EMR, etc.) and your aura) is strengthened to protect you from further negativity. Members of The Protection Room receive a Distant Healing session every night of the month, wherever they are. The Protection Room provides a unique and reliable way of protecting against negativity, restoring health & vitality, and attracting positivity into your life.

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People come to us seeking solutions for so many types of problems – health issues, relationship difficulties, education or career challenges, anxiety and fear, to mention a few. The one thing they share in common is that they want to improve their level of contentment in life – and desire some form of positive change. Perhaps some of the challenges mentioned in our “How we can help” page may resonate with you.

We know that you are a unique individual with your own unique challenges, and a “one size fits all” treatment may not work for you. So we prefer to adopt a flexible personalised approach in working with you – customising our services to meet your unique needs. This way we can focus all our energy on solving your individual issues, and empowering you to continue solving them long-term. The initial consultation and your ongoing feedback are very important to us, and help us to deliver a service based on honesty, integrity and trust.

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Most conventional therapies focus only on a physical level: trying to alleviate physical symptoms, or change one’s thinking or behaviour patterns through suggestions, advice, use of affirmations etc. Whilst these practices are useful, they tackle only the symptoms and do not go deep enough to address the root of our struggles.

MYT / MYM are different - they utilise positive energy healing - which reaches beneath the layers of accumulated fears, conditionings and acquired personality traits, to dissolve the fear and destructive emotions that hold you back - it transmutes negativity and raises your energetic vibration. This actually heals your physical and emotional pain, and makes it quicker and easier to adopt new (positive) ways of thinking and behaving.

How does Energy Healing work?

Quantum physics indicates that everything in existence (including ourselves) is made up of vibrational energy (atoms are vibrational energy), and can therefore be affected by other vibrational energies (sound, light, electricity, EMR).

Our brain and entire nervous system (responsible for coordinating all body functions) is based on electrical charges moving throughout the body. Every thought and emotion generates electrical activity (energy vibrations) in the brain. Positive ones (high frequency) like love and compassion strengthen the mind, body and spirit. Negative ones (low frequency) like anger, stress, criticism, hate, anxiety, conflict weaken them. Since the brain is an electromagnetic organ and sensitive to energies, any disturbance in frequencies may be experienced as mood swings, altered behaviour, and disruption of normal body functions.

Traumatic experiences, emotions, thoughts which we resist become stored in the subconscious mind as energy forms. These ‘memories’ continue to influence one’s thinking and behaviour throughout life, and usually underlie anxiety and fear.

During the meditation or treatment session, healing energy is channeled to the recipient(s), by the focused attention of the Healer/teacher. Energy healing works by balancing the body’s energy, and enhancing the body’s own ability to heal itself. It calms the mind by dissolving the energy of negative thoughts and emotions. Healing occurs on all levels (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual).

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