How we can help

Life is full of challenges, and you can’t always control how things will turn out. Becoming stressed, anxious, fearful only aggravates the situation, and may progress to physical ailments. An invaluable skill, in today’s stressful world, is emotional resilience – the ability to respond to, and rebound from, stressful and challenging situations. Meet Yourself Meditation develops emotional resilience, and intuitive guidance – this enhances your ability to intuitively manage your situation, calmly and constructively. Storms will always occur, but we can remove some of the obstacles and teach you to navigate your way successfully through the storms.

  • I want to stop feeling anxiety, fear.
  • I want to remain calm in stressful situations.
  • I want to stop blaming myself & feeling guilty.
  • I want to feel good about myself & confident.

Anxiety, fear, depression, low self-esteem all arise from negative thoughts that imprison you in negative responses and feelings. They are symptoms of a deeper underlying problem – frequently loneliness, fear or grief – and beneath this are often feelings of unworthiness, shame or guilt. These negative thoughts and feelings frequently arise from not receiving adequate emotional support as a child or young adult. This can lead to you feeling vulnerable, inadequate and rejected.  These thoughts, beliefs, emotions and fears become stored in your subconscious mind as energy forms (memories), and continue to influence the way you experience life and the world around you. The “problems” you face in life are usually caused by triggering of these energy forms. E.g. a cat may be seen by one person as a cute, cuddly pet, while another person (with a cat phobia) may experience the same cat as a scary beast.

The efficacy of Meet Yourself Therapy (MYT) and Meet Yourself Meditation (MYM) lie in their ability to target and resolve these underlying causes. They clear the blocked bioenergy, and release the layers of destructive emotions that hold you back. -This puts you in touch with who you really are (“meet yourself”), what’s important to you, and how you connect to the world around you. When you’re tuned to your inner guidance, confusion ceases and solutions appear.

Your thoughts and emotions determine the energy (’vibes’) you radiate. If you’re holding on to feelings like anger, hurt, rejection, or beliefs like “I’m not loved, or good enough”, you’re most likely projecting these messages to others without realising it. This makes it difficult to attract love or success. Learning to accept and value your own self (i.e. ‘meet yourself’) is the key to creating peace within, and attraction in your aura.

These are some of the most common issues we have helped our clients with, but the list is not exhaustive. Whatever challenge you’re facing in life, we can help. So, if a problem is causing you grief, or if you’d just like to experience a greater sense of wellbeing and peace, do get in touch. We’re confident we have a solution.