"Whoever recognises their own self, recognises their Creator and Sustainer"

The Protection Room

Are you safe from harmful influences?

It’s virtually impossible, these days, to avoid being exposed to some form of negativity, whether it’s people’s emotions like anger, frustration, fear; or physical agents (electromagnetic radiation [EMR], chemical pollutants, pathogens, etc.). You only have to be around a negative person to know how quickly you can be affected by them. You may experience sudden mood changes for no obvious reason, or have thoughts and feelings which don’t seem to be your own, or just feel drained. Somebody who’s angry or jealous of you can also direct negative vibes at you (consciously or unconsciously). This could be the reason for unexplained problems and tribulations in your life. E.g. someone gets angry at you in traffic – their negative vibes will reach you.

How does negativity affect you?

“Negative” energies are low vibrational energies that affect you emotionally, physically or mentally, disturbing your calm, and causing feelings of anxiety, pain, depression, lack of concentration, sometimes even headaches and dizziness.

The brain and entire nervous system (responsible for coordinating all body functions) is based on electrical charges moving throughout the body. Every thought and emotion creates energy vibrations in the brain, which translate into images, symbols and language that the mind can understand. Any disturbance in this is likely to disrupt normal body functions, and alter mood and behaviour.

The commonest causes of ‘negative energy’ are self-defeating thoughts or emotions (frustration, anxiety, criticism, self-doubt, anger, pessimism etc.) and arguing. These create ‘negative energy’ in the body which is also released into the environment. Your mind cannot distinguish between the energy of your own thoughts and emotions, and that of someone else’s that you’ve picked up from around you. So if somebody else’s energy enters your space, your mind will translate it as your own feelings and thoughts.

The negativity accumulates and causes harm by lowering your vibration and vitality. As a result, immunity and resistance are lowered, so you become more prone to illness, depression, anxiety, stress. Your ability to attract and experience love and affection is also compromised – like attracts like, and your low vibrational state attracts more negativity.

Public places harbour more negativity

Most people are unable to perceive negative energy with their physical senses and, hence, are unaware of its presence, or the fact that they are picking it up from the environment or from others. This is particularly true if you visit public places or use public transport.

As negative energies are not tangible, you cannot know how they are affecting you, or how to defend against them. It’s extremely difficult to completely avoid public places, any form of conflict, environmental pollution and EMR, or angry/jealous people. So, however positive minded you are, you may still be accumulating negative energy.

An easy solution for safeguarding yourself against negativity

The Protection Room is a virtual space, where powerful Healing energies cleanse and balance your body’s bioenergy, every night while you sleep – without you having to do anything special. Any existing negativity is removed, and your body’s energy field (aura) is strengthened to protect you from further negativity.

The Protection Room provides a unique and reliable way of counteracting negative energies, restoring the body’s energy balance, and raising your vibration and vitality. It increases your ability to attract positivity into your life; and promotes wellbeing on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

Benefits of The Protection Room include:

How does the protection room work?

When you become a member of the Protection Room, you will be sent a Distant Healing Session every night, so that you receive the energy while you sleep, wherever you are, and in any time zone.

Each nightly session will:

  1. Clear existing negativity from your body, aura and chakras, that has accumulated during the day, and during your life.
  2. Strengthen your aura - increasing its ability to repel negativity, and attract positivity (e.g. love).

Regular cleansing of the body and aura in this way, gradually clears the effects of anxiety, stress, fears, emotional trauma, that may have built up during your life. Long term, this can contribute to diminishing addictions, phobias, OCD, ADHD and many mental disorders.

Protect your family and loved ones

Negativity can be transferred between family members, or people that you live with. If there is frequent arguing or tension in the home, everyone who lives there will accumulate the negativity. Hence, greater benefit will be noticed if other family members are also having their energies cleansed regularly. School children will also benefit from regular Healing, as they may be accumulating negativity from their school. (Schools are public places, and frequently sites of conflict and tension.)

Protection Room membership may be taken out on behalf of others (family or friends), to protect them against accumulating negativity.

Join the protection room now

You will need a PAYPAL ACCOUNT in order to register and join. If you do not already have one, create one here, and then return to the Protection Room.

Email us the name, date of birth, country of residence and gender of each person enrolling as a Protection Room member, protection@healingtheplanet.net (This information helps to target the Healing energy more effectively.)

Click on the ‘Subscribe’ button below and you will be taken to the PayPal payment page, where you can login to your PayPal account to complete the payment and enrolment. Once you’ve subscribed, the subscription fee is collected via PayPal at the beginning of each monthly period. You then receive nightly Distant Healing sessions for a whole month.

Number of People

Cleaning buildings of negativity

Buildings can harbour negativity – particularly if they are public places, or sites of conflict, grief, pain, etc. EMR, chemicals in building and upholstery materials can also contribute. Sick building syndrome is a recognised condition, where people feel ill after being in a particular building.

Buildings can also be cleaned of negativity, and protection conferred. If you are interested in this service, please email us for details. info@healingtheplanet.net