Protect yourself from harmful influences

18 March 2021

A new-generation strategy to protect yourself from harmful influences

The world, and life in it, is changing dramatically. Over the past year, something as tiny as a nanoparticle has wreaked social and economic havoc on the world – spreading disease, fear, uncertainty. Thousands have died, thousands have been left with debilities. The rest remain in fear of being similarly affected. There’s a growing atmosphere of stress, anxiety, and conflict, as people struggle to safeguard their wellbeing and finances. How safe are you and your loved ones?

The key to surviving and thriving during such times is to be resilient – physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually – to have:

Traditionally people have looked to diet, drugs, and psychology to achieve the above. However, the efficacy of diet and psychology can be unpredictable, while suitable drugs take time to develop and their long-term effects are often unknown. Also, the threat of new, potentially lethal pathogens will always be there since it is their nature to mutate and produce new variants, and drugs tend to be pathogen specific. There has long been a need for a simple, safe, reliable, and easy to implement method of protecting oneself from harmful influences.

Without such protection, you’re at the mercy of others – institutions, organisations and their policies. You can be free of these limitations by being proactive and taking responsibility for protecting yourself.

Energy Healing raises positive vibes

A new generation of self-protection methods is now available to those savvy enough to take advantage of them. A unique technique that consistently strengthens your body’s own defence mechanisms. Hence, it is safe for all ages, has no harmful side effects, adapts itself as needed, and becomes more powerful over time.

This energy healing technique can be used to raise your own positive vibes. This naturally strengthens your immune system, brain and nervous system, as well as other body systems, optimising their performance. It’s this that complements conventional methods.

How does this work?

Quantum science confirms that we are vibrational beings, like everything in the Universe, and can therefore be affected by other vibrational energies. All matter (including your body and external pathogens) is essentially energy, vibrating at different frequencies.

The brain and entire nervous system (responsible for coordinating all body functions) is based on electrical charges moving throughout the body. Every thought and emotion generate electrical activity in the brain, which translate into images, symbols and language that the mind can understand.

Thus, it’s not just viruses that are infectious – other people’s negative emotions (anger, fear, jealousy, hate) can also ‘infect’ you, particularly if you visit public places or use public transport. Your mind cannot distinguish between the energy of your own thoughts and emotions, and that of someone else’s that you’ve picked up from around you. It may manifest as sudden mood changes, or thoughts and emotions which don’t seem to be your own, or just feeling drained.

Somebody who’s angry or jealous of you can also direct negative vibes at you (consciously or unconsciously). This could be the reason for unexplained tribulations in your life.

Energy Healing Techniques

Meet Yourself Protection

Get Protected against external negativity (EMR, people’s negative emotions, pathogens, pollution, toxins)

Thus, it increases your overall vibration and ability to attract positivity into your life; and promotes wellbeing on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). This protective Energy shield stays with you for life.

Meet Yourself Immunity

Optimise your Immune System

This enhanced immunity remains effective for life and can be boosted further.

Meet Yourself Energy (MYE) Healing

Eliminate uncertainty and ‘feeling stuck’

MYE Healing releases energy blocks, and dissolves uncomfortable emotions like anger, frustration, hurt, loneliness, grief. This promotes relaxation, repair and healing of your body and mind on a deeper level. Self-awareness, mental clarity, self-worth are raised– making it easier to think of viable solutions, and to manifest positive outcomes.

Benefits of Meet Yourself Energy Healing

Photos by Jakob Owens on Unsplash