Meet Yourself Therapy & Meet Yourself Meditation

3 May 2019

“Each one of us is born beautiful, only the opinions of others fool us into thinking otherwise.”

In order to protect ourselves from the pain of rejection, most of us adopt an ‘identity’, an image of ourselves that we think others will respect and value – shaped by the thoughts, emotions, and behaviours projected on us by our parents, families and society.

We hide behind this mask, afraid of rejection if we reveal our true ‘self’. We do this for so long that we think our ‘identity’ is who we really are. This incongruity between our real self and our adopted identity creates inner conflict.[/vc_column_text]

‘Meet Yourself Therapy’ is approved worldwide by IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists). It is a deeply rewarding journey of self-discovery, which:

The greatest joy and freedom comes when we are able to give of ourselves freely, and also receive in return. When we cannot be the idealised self we want to be, we hide those parts of our ‘self’ that we’re uncomfortable with, and pretend. But exerting false control over guarding these hidden parts prevents us from freely experiencing joy and life. We have to constantly be ‘on guard’ for fear of being ‘found out’.

Since we feel uncomfortable in our own skin, life and living with one’s self feels wrong, and problems appear in life.

The moment we face our whole self with honesty, without judging, without denying parts of it, we regain the power of self-governing our inner state of being. Since our lives are a reflection of our beliefs and attitudes, by positively controlling our inner state we can choose what we manifest in our lives. Solutions in life appear in proportion to us facing in ourselves what we fear most.

Thus, true freedom comes when we stop judging our self and life as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – when we face and accept all aspects of our self without shame, so that we have nothing to hide or fear. Only then can we freely experience love, life and joy.

What is unique about MYT /MYM?

Human thoughts, emotions and experiences generate energy, positive and negative, which is ‘stored’ as energy forms within us. (Hence, we experience memory.) Most conventional therapies, aimed at developing self-esteem and reconnecting with the self, have limited success as they work only on a physical level: trying to change one’s thinking or behaviour patterns. They fail to address or deal with the underlying stored negative energy of suppressed emotions and fears, which continues to enter the conscious mind and perpetuates the same behaviour and thinking patterns.

MYT utilises Positive Energy Healing, which works on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It removes the suppressed negative energy of painful emotions, fears and limiting beliefs, which manifest as mind chatter and act as a barrier, preventing us from acknowledging our real ‘self’.

Meet Yourself Meditation (MYM forms a part of Meet Yourself Therapy)

Meditation is training the mind to rest in a particular focus – thus raising awareness of one’s inner state of being, and one’s inherent connection to the source of consciousness itself.

We believe everyone already has the solution to their challenges within themselves. The aim of ‘Meet Yourself Meditation’ (MYM) is to form a bridge between the conscious and subconscious minds, allowing us to access the hidden’ parts of the self.

During MYM Positive Energy Healing is sent to the people meditating. Each person receives individual attention, and is encouraged to ‘meet their self’ by visualising or feeling whatever surfaces from the subconscious mind. With this increased awareness they can then choose to constructively eliminate fears, limiting beliefs and weaknesses; and to find solutions to the challenges they face in life.

MYM thus serves as a mirror, in which one can see and recognise one’s ‘authentic self’ – under the layers of accumulated fears, conditionings and acquired personality traits. MYM allows us to gradually expose the parts of ourselves which we may have been denying, release any associated destructive emotions, and start to heal as we accept those parts of our self.