7 Reasons to Learn & Practise "Meet Yourself Meditation"

28 May 2019

Learning to practise Meet Yourself Meditation is one of the most dramatically effective things you can do to open up opportunities, and enjoy less stress, depression and anxiety.

In today’s fast paced world, stress and stress related disorders are increasing. Depression, anxiety, and mental illness are common. Society and media define how we should think, look, behave and feel. Under this pressure to conform and perform it is easy to lose touch of “who I am”. But, failing to acknowledge our true feelings and fulfill our desires, leaves us with a sense of emptiness and longing. It also prevents us from fulfilling our full potential as the unique individuals we are, with unique talents, aspirations, and purpose.

Most of us adopt a ‘pseudo-identity’, an image of ourselves that we think others will respect and value. When our adopted identity is based on something unrealistic and unattainable it creates inner conflict, anger and self-blame. This inner disharmony may manifest as resentment and discontentment with life. Since we feel uncomfortable in our own skin, life and living with one’s self feels wrong, and problems appear in life.

The strategies we habitually use to manage these problems are often not helpful. We may react impulsively, or evade facing these feelings, and the ‘secret’ parts of our self, with a multitude of distractions – believing that something outside of ourselves must come and liberate us. Technology and ‘screen time’ provide convenient escapes from facing, and dealing with, uncomfortable feelings. But suppressing unwanted emotions in this way has adverse effects on mental health. Human thoughts and emotions generate vibrational energy of varying frequencies. Thus, throughout life, our thoughts, feelings & experiences are ‘stored’ as energy forms within us. (Hence, we experience memory.) Any feelings or experiences which we resist, e.g. grief, anger, fear, frustration, are stored as low vibrational energy. The energy of these suppressed thoughts and emotions is likely to keep manifesting throughout life, as low self-esteem, and self-destructive behaviour.

The key to manifesting harmony in our lives is to create harmony within ourselves, but inner harmony requires there to be congruity between our true self and our adopted identity.

Meditation is training the mind to rest in a particular focus, thus raising awareness of our inner state (emotions, thoughts, experiences), without judgement.

Meditation is not new; it has been practised for thousands of years, in various forms. However, to achieve the meditative state effectively can be challenging, particularly for beginners. The mind may keep drifting, engaging with thoughts, or dozing off.

Meet Yourself Meditation is UNIQUE

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been proven to Improve physical and mental health, and general wellbeing. In addition, practising MYM will enable you to:

  1. Develop self-awareness and emotional stability – deliberately paying attention to what happens in your mind and body allows you to become more familiar with the workings of your own mind and its patterns and habits, including those which may no longer be helpful. Thus, you can learn to spot ‘warning signs’ before stress becomes overwhelming; and choose how best to respond, rather than reacting in old, familiar but unhelpful, ways. Hence, increase your ability to manage difficult situations responsibly, and to make wise choices.
  2. Develop a strong sense of ‘self’ and purpose – understand and honour your genuine feelings and aspirations, so you can live authentically from the heart, feeling good about yourself, without fear or guilt.
  3. Cultivate empathy, and compassion for yourself and others – be emotionally aware, and learn to accept yourself and others with love, respect and understanding, thus forming stronger relationships based on mutual trust and support, rather than codependency or selfishness.
  4. Strengthen your sense of moral integrity – recognise and accept your weaknesses with humility and courage, and work honestly towards eliminating them.
  5. Gain the confidence to believe “I can” – use your inner resources to overcome fears and to find solutions to challenges. Thus, develop your creativity, resilience and fortitude.
  6. Improve focus, motivation and self-discipline – these come naturally when you align your life with your innate talents and aspirations.
  7. Live every moment with greater awareness and appreciation, and less anxiety and stress.